2D Design

While digital graphics have a strong presence in the marketing world, 2D Designs are also an important element of graphic arts. Here are some examples of different ways marketing material can take on a more hand-drawn appearance.

Cross Contour Line Detail

Cross contour line detail captures the essence of a image without color or shading. Through only a black pen and marker, these geese capture a feeling of movement and solidity.

Less Is More

Different effects can be gained by magnifying areas of an object to reveal detail or capture a feeling. This meadowlark was a recreation of a photo in the medium of paper and ink. While digital software is extremely useful, sometimes hand drawing is the only way to capture exactly what you need.

Letter Composition

Vinyl letter compositions in black and white are another unique way to display concepts. Through positive and negative spaces and various sizes of characters, this rendering tells a complex story that is open to each person’s interpretation.

Collage Art

Collage art creates a unique opportunity to tell the story of your company with bits and pieces woven together. This is a Compositional Unity Collage that weaves a thread of monochromatic colors together.

This collage demonstrates a Conceptual Unity of horses and motion. Weaving a story together in this way encourages the viewer to engage with the piece and seek out the hidden gems therein. Collages of either type can be constructed for marketing or personal uses.

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