Digital Graphics


Logos are a vital part of brand recognition for both large organizations and small businesses, providing a snapshot of the essence of the entity’s work.

This logo was designed for Southeast Minnesota Community and Technical College and won a design contest sponsored by the college. The eagle is the mascot of the college, the “S E” are the initials of the community college and the outline of the eagle forms a “C” denotes the fact this logo is for a college. The eagle facing to the right demonstrates that education is forward thinking and points to the future of everyone who attends there.

SE Minnesota Community and Techincal College Winning Logo Entry, by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

This second logo was designed for a custom log home builder in my area. The outline of the logo is shaped as a house since this is a residential construction company. The circles on the sides and the three circles on the roofline resonate with this being a company that specializes in logs. The tans and browns in the logo are a good fit because they look like wood.

Cowboy Log Homes Logo by Ruth Lemmon (2019).

Business Cards

This custom business card design incorporates a custom logo, a photo of the company’s flagship log home, their catch phrase, and contact information.

Cowboy Log Homes Business Card (2023).

Photo Edits

This is an example of a custom multi-layer photo composition. The photo was inspired by the movie The Man From Snowy River. This was made in Photoshop.

The Run of the Bumbies by Ruth Lemmon (2023).

Magazine Cover

This is a sample of a magazine cover composed for a homeschooling magazine. Text options, photo edits, and hand-drawn icons are part of this complex design.

Homeschool Today magazine cover by Ruth Lemmon (2023).


This is a selection of posters I created for various events. Posters can include photos provided by the owners or ones I take for them. Lettering and text can be customized to reflect the feeling of the event.

This is a modern poster promoting a music group’s concert. The placement of the lettering reflects the spinning psychedelic spinning event theme.

Dreamworld modern poster design by Ruth Lemmon (2019).

This poster is for a classic musical and follows more traditional design concepts. The rotating of the letters of “rain” resonates with the falling nature of the raindrops.

Singing in the Rain classical poster by Ruth Lemmon (2020).

Social Media Ad

This is an example of a social media ad for a horse boarding facility. Ads can be customized to any desires dimensions for banner or sidebar ads. Photos can be provided by the customer or taken by me during a business site visit.

Social Media Ad by Ruth Lemmon (2023).

Greeting Cards

Customized greeting cards are always a nice personal touch. I created this post card with an image I took at Yellowstone National Park of twin black bear cubs. This was a memorable moment for me and was one I wanted to share with others through cards and postcards.

Friendship Card by Ruth Lemmon (2023).

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