Christmas Ornament Patterns

Every memorable design begins with a great pattern! I specialize in taking ideas and translating them into easy sewing patterns. Please feel free to browse my sample patterns for ideas.

Christmas Tree Pattern

This Christmas tree pattern is symmetrical and created with simple lines. This makes it easy to copy it onto material and hand sew an ornament. The pattern is traced onto the material, cut out with extra room around the edges (going about 1/4 inch beyond the outline), the two half placed back-to-back, the edges sewn together with an opening left at the bottom of the tree trunk, the tree is turn right-side-out, the ornament is filled with pillow stuffing, and the bottom is hand stitched shut.

Christmas Tree Ornament pattern by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

Completed Christmas Tree Ornament, from the above pattern, by Ruth Lemmon (2020).

Horse Head Ornament

This is a simple horse head outline that can be used for an ornament pattern or something else.

Horse Head Ornament by Ruth Lemmon (2020).

Adding accessories like mane, bows, and ribbons enhances the ornament, as I did here.

White Horse Head Christmas Ornament from the above pattern, by Ruth Lemmon (2020).

Carousel Horse Ornament

This is a carousel horse ornament pattern. Keeping the lines as simple as possible is important to making this challenging ornament possible.

Carousel Christmas Horse Pattern by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

The Carousel Horse can be done in any color scheme that you want for various themed Christmas decore. This one I finished in fuzzy white and silver sequence.

White Christmas Carousel Horse by Ruth Lemmon (2020).

Gingerbread Family Ornaments

This is a gingerbread family pattern set. I created three different ones to create a man, woman, and child gingerbread ornaments. I also added the outline of the apron to be sewn onto the gingerbread lady.

Gingerbread Family Patterns

And here are the final three that I created from the pattern set.

Gingerbread Family Ornaments by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

Holiday Snowman Pattern

This is a basic pattern for a snowman. I created this pattern digitally.

Simple Snowman Pattern by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

And here is the final snowman I created with the above pattern. I added a vest and a hat I formed with yarn and pipe cleaners.

Custom Snowman Ornament by Ruth Lemmon (2021).

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