Lovies is my pet name for handmade stuffed animals. Stuffed animals can serve many purposes but probably my favorite is educational-themed stuffed animals.

Educational-Themed Stuffed Turtles

Stuffed animals are often intended for children. By simply adding letters or numbers, colors or shapes, into the design, education can be promoted.

Here I have a family of box turtles with letters stitched into the shells of the three baby turtles. Different patterns and textures to the material can also add another level of engagement for the child.

Box Turtle Family by Ruth Lemmon (2023).

Here is the pattern for the larger turtles. Marking the locations for the appendages is important. The box turtles take more time to assemble than the sea turtles (see below).

Box-turtle family is made up of two parents and three children. But the number of little turtles you want in the family is up to the creator. The colors I chose for the sample family of box turtles are blue, pink, and green color rendition.

The patterns of the box turtles have many pieces. To make the tail for the box turtles, cut a half triangle and attach it to the opening in the back. When you make these box turtles, make sure there is an opening or there’s going to be trouble.

Sea Turtle Patterns

The sea turtle family has two parents and three children. This color style is blue, pink, and green but with a twist. The parents of the sea turtle family have designs on their shells as with the three children.

This set is designed with numbers on the shells of the smaller turtles. The shells were stitched onto the backs of the turtle’s body after the body was stuffed.

The Sea turtle pattern is more simple than the box turtles, but you need to be careful how big you make the parents and then the children turtles. The shell patterns are added additions.

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