Photography is a key element of graphic design. Whether you desire a portrait session or photos for marketing your business, I’m happy to do either. Pictures can convey so much without a word being spoken. Some of the following photos are left in their original state while others are edited to bring out their character.


This portrait is shown in black and white with filtered natural light. This moment captures the essence of this young lady on her 16th birthday as she looks to her future.

Here is another shot from the same session. Experimenting with various backgrounds can capture different feels.

This image is a sample of careful photo editing using a split shot to create a stunning variation to the original shot.

Marketing Materials

This is an image that was enhanced to capture an idyllic moment for advertising trail riding in Montana. My edits enhanced and deepened the colors, edited out some structures in the background, and centered the riders.

Almost all businesses have some sort of architecture attached to their name. This chapel provides wedding services. By adjusting the colors and adding highlights, the charm of the white chapel resonates with the snow. Creating an inviting feel helps to connect a feeling of professionalism to your business.

Photos are also a great way to enhance a business card. This one was incorporated into a business card.

Children Photography

Capturing full-color images of children is one of my favorite things. This sister-brother duo captures the vibrance of life.

Here is a collage of pictures celebrating a 20th birthday. By combining photos in layers and adjusting settings on each, a memorable day is recorded.

Silhouettes and reflections are also an interesting way to capture the essence of a moment.

Pet Photography

Pet photography is another favorite of mine. Capturing a moment that is memorable is priceless. Quality pet photography is also important for marketing grooming services, veterinarian offices, or pet watching.

Pets are sometimes more photogenic than we realize. This kitty kept sitting up on a stool when I placed it by a glass door, capturing a charming moment where her sweet disposition is shining.

Photo editing also allows the creation of surreal moments like this one with the cat in the tree and the hall door opening up. This photo composition was a result of a private photo shoot at the owner’s home and then work with PhotoShop to build the moment.

Photographing horses is not easy but this moment captured the horses in a full gallop. Different effects can be utilized to get the photo you wish. For this one, the owners wanted to capture the horses’ movement with the background blurred and the dust flying. The Paso Fino in front has all four feet off of the ground in clear detail.

And capturing moments from life can be enjoyable. I enjoy seeking out unusual compositions and photo opportunities to create one-of-a-kind images.

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